Random Thoughts on Various Things

My son and I are so much alike. When we have conversations, or disagreements, it’s like having an “out loud” conversation with myself. Born on the same day in almost the same hour – we both have two extreme sides to our personalities, a shared quality. When we fuss with one another, we are like the same soul split four ways – arguing! No wonder I get tired so fast when we disagree – and we’re both so very stubborn!

I love my son dearly. I do wonder sometimes whether him being so much like me is a good or bad thing for him though. We both tire easily lately – a few yelled words, a little argument, then we walk away (usually each stubborn for about the same length of time) not talking for a few hours or days. Then, we’re fine. Talking as if nothing ever happened – we understand each other in that way – we both know its hard for twin-like personalities to get along all the time! We each make concessions in our mind ruled by our hearts – me for the younger version of me, him for the older version him.


My daughter reminds me of the calmer side of my nature. She has me in her as well, but in a quieter, stronger, purposeful way. She attends to things, looks out for those she loves, and provides safety for those weaker. She’s really grown into a wonderful and intelligent young woman – and a great mom. She is steady and crystal clear like a deep, white river over rocks. 

My daughter isn’t as emotional and flighty as me or her brother. We tend to take crazy, unexpected left-hand turns in life. She takes right-hand turns, gives a signal, and slowly moves into the turn lane (speaking metaphorically, of course, because she really scares the crap out of me with her driving – I just keep waiting for her to take down one of those mailboxes she loves to fly by at   with only an inch to spare!).

My daughter reminds me of my Mema(paternal grandmother) in her manner at times. The quiet strength will become that, I think. At 26, she still has a little teenage-redneck side occassionally…but that’s almost totally disappeared. The two girls, my granddaughters, are growing their mom up just fine!


So…how exactly did I end up doing math all day, every day, as a career??? I really dislike math and am an “English” person. It always strikes me as terribly strange that I ended up as a Finance Manager! Still pondering this…


I bought me a newer car this week. An Audi A6. It’s a Quattro – big reason for the purchase…now I can drive *safely* in the snow this year, if it snows this year – which I’m praying it DOES NOT!

I like the Audi. Traded in the Mercedes. Liked it too, but the Audi is a better option for now.

The problem with working in the automotive industry is that you get used to the cars…”new car smell” doesn’t even exist for me anymore. The shinny buttons, pretty paint-jobs…it all just blends after you drive and sell enough of them.

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