Destiny in the Parking Lot

A young girl watches you
get out of the car at Wal-Mart
and thinks – one day
I want to be like that! The pretty car,
the nice clothes, expensive purse,
the perfect hair.

You are the vision
she holds onto, cherishes
in her broken-ness.

She will strive
to become . . . You.

You are her symbol-metaphor
for success – a chance sighting,
a living image of what it means
to have made it. . .

Out of the fear of less,
out of the poverty of nothing,
away from the cold truth of being

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10 thoughts on “Destiny in the Parking Lot

    • Yes, so true. I often think especially of children and teens – how they view the adults around them, both known and unknown. We all probably make much more of an impact on others than we realize. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


  1. awesome marissa! this reminds me of this time when someone in a Lambourgini parked next to me. The car wasn’t even locked and on the passenger seat was a pair of really really expensive sunglasses. I could have reached in and taken them…and I just thought…this person is so in the flow of abundance that they don’t have to fear anything being taken…


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