A Post About Nothing



It’s been rainy and cool here in South Carolina today. Strange weather after two weeks of sunshine and 70 degree temperatures. It will be a little cooler this week, but still in the 60’s so I’m happy.

Yes, I broke the rule and started a story with the weather, but it’s okay. This isn’t meant to be a serious post about anything – surely you figured that out by the title! No, you probably didn’t expect the title of the post to be true. Nothing is ever about nothing, right?

Okay, so maybe the post isn’t about nothing, but it is a mundane post without any intentions. Sometimes it’s just nice to write a rambling post that isn’t dressed up in the finery of purpose or deep intent.

I’ve spent the day reading numerous research papers and articles about neuroscience, memory retention factors, and the psychological and philosophical elements and theories about Bipolar disorder. These are all background study and/or sources for two research essays I’m working on. Both pieces seem timely considering the Charlie Sheen meltdown and the new medical findings in several areas of cognitive science. So, I’m putting my “serious writer” hat on and actually working on some serious writing, except for here at the blog.


Charlie Sheen, Religious Arguments, and Self-Delusion

Is it just me, or does it seem like America has slipped down the rabbit hole with Alice? It reminds me of the Brandon Jenkins song, The Whole Worlds Gone Crazy.

Video of the Week

What is up with Charlie Sheen? He’s been notorious for years now – stripper problems, drug issues, and now seriously sad and crazy behavior. I’ve always liked his acting (and ditto for Mel Gibson and his bizarre behavior). They’re very talented actors, but what is going on? I have no answers, I’m just asking…

Earlier today I was reading my Facebook page  and noticed where my sister and friends from our school years  ended up in a heated argument over God and religion. Okay, can we all accept that everyone has a right to their belief system without having the right to inflict it on others?

It seems like a simple agreement, a basic social courtesy to extend to others, but, considering the past two thousand years of religion-based warfare, I’m probably just expecting too much. Still, peaceful disagreement is always better than a heated argument that leaves people feeling hurt and unloved.

It was a rough week at work (sales were great, but personnel issues took center stage). I’m learning that the title Sales Manager puts a dart-board target on my back and that every disgruntled worker we terminate grabs a handful of darts on the way out. It’s no biggie in the larger scheme of things, but it’s amazing to me the level of self-delusion many people live in.

Twice now I’ve hired people as a favor to my kids, their friends, and that just doesn’t seem to work out. So, no more of that! The sad part is that these people were given an opportunity that they would never had been given otherwise.

I actually care about this situation and these people. It hurts me that it doesn’t work, that they prefer delusions to true growth. I want very much to help the less fortunate, the people who can most benefit from an opportunity, but they don’t want the opportunity as much as I want to give it to them. It is sad to watch the jealousy and venomous behavior of people that you’re trying to help end up destroying them.


Pondering an Important Question

Lately, I’ve been pondering the following question: Am I a writer selling cars or a car salesman that writes?

I have a tendency to “fall into” situations, careers, relationships. It’s a unique and quirky part of who I am. Plans are fine. I make them, of course; but life always twists and turns in some unexpected way…and…oops, there I go, falling into the next new thing!

The car business has been an accidental success. I loved it almost immediately and my tenacious determination to win kicked in. It’s been a good business for me, one in which my verbal talents serve me well. One that pays me very well.

I was a writer for many years before I was in the car business. writing is and has always been my first love. I seldom write as I once did, my output and body of work has diminished due to time constraints. I have finally taken a few vacation days this month (my first time-off in two years) and am looking forward to some extra writing time. I have several major projects I hope to complete by the end of the month.

It’s ironic to think that two years ago while in Pryor, Oklahoma I thought I would never write again. Rather, I am at a place where major, deeper works seem more likely just a short while later.

Writer’s are writer’s because of two major things:

  1. because they write, and
  2. because they see the world with a different level of perception, depth, and detail than most people around them.

A writer is always a keen observer of the people and the world he or she lives in. Even more ironic is the fact that the same observation skills are what makes a great sales person. I suppose the answer to my question could be both. After all, we all carry various names, tags, and titles through our lives. Our identity doesn’t come from a title. Our true identity comes from the various mixture of titles and intricate details of our personality combined into the whole of us. We are the sum of all that has touched us, taught us, claimed us, and identified us, We are individually wonderful in many ways. ~




8 thoughts on “A Post About Nothing

  1. Hi, Marissa! A post by Kathy Brown led me to your blog and I’m so glad I dropped by. If this was a post about nothing, then I can’t wait to read your posts about “something.” Loved it. 😀


    • Thank you, Sam! I’m so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the visit! Ms. Kathy was wonderful to spotlight me that way, especially as it was such a nice suprise. Please come back and visit again soon! ~Marissa


  2. It is true that those who choose the path that caters not to greed and over-desire, are small in number and seeming to become even less as time goes on. In some ways they’re just harder to notice because the Charlie Sheens and the Mel Gibsons of the world simply stand out so overly-much.

    When people have become complacent or frustrated from living without answers, often they will buckle, bend or break to the strain. Some are simply stronger than others – that doesn’t make them better or right – just stronger.

    All people crave to be filled within the deep crevices of their souls with some sort of fulfillment where they can be at peace. The knowledge of God and what He does for a person can satisfy that yearning; but even that awareness and understanding comes in so many different flavors, people have a hard time deciding.

    To help people, there has to first be a mutually recognized want and need. Remember…you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it…key: a mutually recognized want and need. A wise person who was once involved with forming education, said, “Need is the space between where someone is now and where they want to be.” No space? No need. We simply cannot meet a need that is not there. All of us need-meeters should be mature and wise enough to accept that – in theory.

    Just some of my thoughts on what you’ve presented here. Thank you for inspiring my writing for the day at my own blog site! http://ponderdeeply.blogspot.com



  3. Thanks to you both for reading and commenting. I look around in amazed silence sometimes: watching the craziness that now passes for “reality” television, listening to the change in “water cooler” talk, and seeing the politcal-social angst that seems so prevalent in our country. Deciphering it all, usually with a recognition that nothing is ever “everything,” turning inward and finding out where “I” am in the midst of it all keeps me sane! 🙂


  4. For a post about nothing that was a whole lot of information about things I enjoyed reading. Lucky you to have 70 for a temperature, here right now is 37 and guess how happy is a summer person like me 🙂

    I loved the end bit of the post about what defines us as people, very true …

    Good luck with your research and writing!


  5. A post about nothing? No, a post about something that I think nags at the back of the mind of many. Yes, I agree that we are the sum of all our experiences, quirks, titles…whatever. We are who we are. But I also think there are many following Charlie Sheen (and others like him) down that rabbit hole you mentioned–and they don’t seem to get why others are standing at the edge of the hole, looking down at them in alarm. Something essential has been lost in translation, somewhere, over a period of time. It’s good that in the face of ungratefulness and misunderstood intentions that you still give of yourself and lend a helping hand when you see the need. That’s putting yourself out there in a real way. It speaks volumes of who you are as a person. Sometimes the giver gets bruised and abused. All you can do in that case is carry on and let the chips fall where they may. You must be true to yourself. Good luck in your new writing ventures too. They sound intriguing.


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