This is How We Dance


In circles that flow
during dream-time,
a step to the side.
A whisper to the left.
Two-step toward possibility.
Your voice in my ear
hushed tones of my name
spoken a thousand miles away.
There you are – living normally
where you are – I live normally
too, except for that vast space
of empty, during dream-time.
A whisper to the left,
A step to the side, two-step
in circles that flow. This
is how we dance.

6 thoughts on “This is How We Dance

  1. Thanks to Jerri I got here and I loved it. I find your poem quite soothing.

    It was about time someone reminded me, i need to bring some of my poetry to light. Your poem reminded me of something i had written long time back…

    “In the music of silence,
    rise the notes of quietude,
    I wander no more,
    I need no rescue.”

    One of these days, shall post more on my blog.


    • Thanks so much for your time reading and comments. Love the first stanza above, beautiful. I enjoy your blog as well. I’m looking forward to reading more of your writing! Blessings!


  2. Thanks for connecting via Blog Catalog. It’s given me a chance to find your site and add it to my bookmarks, Marissa. Have enjoyed reading your posts and, particularly, your poem This is how we dance. See you around … well, in Blogdom


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