~for Julia, in memoria

On this Lily-white
silent Sunday she
combs one hundred times
the strands of pony-grey,
streaked-aged mane
of ninety-two years,
pulls it back tightly
into an outdated bun.

Liquid-blue-petal eyes
shift, stare sadly down
at purple-viened hands
lain gently across cloth,
placid in a lap
of sagging flesh
and weak-white bone.

Old Southern sighs resignation
as generations gather
around the chair
to celebrate ancient,
another birthday.

Their debt of homage
paid in presence, ordered
by size and height around
the matriarchal chair.

Time-ticks every face older
into a mist of memory
becoming dreams —
as death comes
she remembers the future–

ball gown of tangerine silk
flowing, she dances
times distorted promenade.

The children will turn,
burn old candles,
and live forward.

~Summer 2011, South Carolina
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4 thoughts on “Ritual

    • I’m so honored you stopped by and happy you enjoyed the poem. Your work is so deeply gorgeous and brings so many levels of emotion and contemplation for the viewer. You’re a very talented artist and I was honored to put our work together.

      Thank you again!


  1. Thanks so much Blaga! I’m always happy to hear your thoughts. Yes, new design – thought I’d try the static page for awhile and use categories to post. I’m well, just terribly busy with work! Hope you are well and life is being good to you:) I promise I’ll try to read your blog and leave comments more often!

    Blessings! Marissa


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