Unfinished Sunrise

~from the Collection, Odes to Plath

Hidden in dark-petal
groves where trees of
doubt and rivers of
fear flow –

You stand neck-deep
in the mud of
disillusionment, all
the false promises,
desiccated dreams,
chirping in your ear;
their malevolent
haunting the darkness
as you struggle
to rise,
sinking deeper
until the mud crawls
inside your mouth
forces itself
down your throat,
into your center, attacks
the dreams hiding
in hope of light.
Out of this dire swamp
of human condition
you reach for a
twig, limb of a tree,
for something to hoist,
push-pull yourself
to freedom.

Hidden in dark-petal
groves where trees of
doubt and rivers of
fear flow –

You are growing,
that one ray of light,
struggling to pull
yourself out
of this thing called
Depression –
because there’s an
unfinished sunrise
you’re trying to

~South Carolina, 2011

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ARTWORK: Anhelo by Ryan Swallow. To see more of Ryan’s artwork, including this piece, please go here. You may read more about the artist here. Or, you can visit his website at: http://ryanswallow.com

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A very special Thank You to Jingle and Thursday Poet’s Rally for the award below! You are all deeply appreciated.

 I nominate mindlovemisery  at: http://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com/

18 thoughts on “Unfinished Sunrise

    • Thank you Mandy! I appreciate you stopping by and am glad you enjoyed the visit. I am working on deep imagery in my poetry and am happy to know you “feel” the work when reading! Blessings, Marissa


    • Thanks Jingle…yes, exploring some darker themes – working on a collection about mental illness – that ideally opens that experience up to the readers while showing the light and hope as well. Thanks and blessings:)


  1. The idea of an unfinished sunrise paralleled to life and depression is very thought provoking. I imagine a morning where the sun begins to rise then is obscured by dark, quick-moving clouds. You put forth great imagery in this poem. Well done!


  2. Sylvia Plath remains still one of the greatest modern poets….taking that gifted black hell inside her and giving us the most powerfull glowing poetry ever written…well done and it seems you understood her essence!


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