Another wonderful question from 101Books blog: “What I’m getting from Kerouac here is that anyone can become a writer through training, but some writers are born with innate talent that a trained writer will never be able to match.”

101 Books

Writers Digest recently dug into their archives and found an article from January 1962, written by Jack Kerouac, about whether or not writers are born or made.

Though I haven’t read On The Road in 12 years, I still consider it one of my favorite books. And, since I’m at a totally different place in life from when I first read it, I’m curious as to what I will think about the Kerouac classic when I re-read it for the Time list. Probably soon.

Anyway, Kerouac certainly had his own style, one that you probably either love or hate. So it’s no surprise that he had a strong opinion on writing. He was obviously a fan of Joyce:

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