Falling Down Again (mu jo)

Red Moon Diary

mu jo   constantly changing (meaning Impermanence) in Zen

“Who am I?” ~ Repetitive life-long question in my journal entries

We all fall down. A comment I say often to my partner during different struggles in his life. A comment that my children have heard me say a million times in their lives. A whisper in my mind to myself during difficult times.

This was my personal mantra that meant:

We all fall down, but then we stand back up. We all make mistakes and are less than we wish to be, BUT we can find our way through it and grow and become better. We can become anything we want to be. The key is not to quit, not to give up hope. God will help you, you will figure it out,  and it will all turn out for the best.

That mantra had served me well through…

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