There is the space of being

between the dark and the light,

that vast ocean of Presence

hidden within a Crevice.

If you stop for the sound of nothing,

when stillness beckons you home,

you will know me said The Divine.

You cannot learn me, see me, feel me,

touch me — There

in that space of Otherness

I Live. You cannot hold me,

eat me, drink me, but

seek Me — There

in the Crevice between

night and day, light

and dark, good and bad,

heat and cold, God and Satan —

Duality evaporates, Oneness

beckons. The tears stop flowing

and Illusion cracks and falls away.

The Mother and Child —

God and I — Lover and Loved

disappear. What remains?

One Space — One Being — One Truth

Flowing Eternal.

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