The Red Sun
blazes some new
truth – you fill
yourself up on
its hot-wet flow.
Turn, to walk away – wise
as your skin peels, flakes
away – like ash – nothing
but extra weight,
you say.

The hair
on your head singes,
turns dark blue, slips
from your scalp,
strand by strand. Nothing
but aggravation,
you say.

Your lips
start to tremble, puff
like popcorn, drop
away – nothing,
useless anyway,
think. You have gained
wisdom – Everything
you think – Until

a cold voice blows by you,
moves you with a truer truth.
Nothing — it’s nothing – says
the shivering whisper
as you watch the red sun
fall dark from the sky
and the keeper of wisdom
aloud in the air,
becomes dark,
and you melt
into ice frozen
with knowledge.

~August 2011

For You

These crystalline tears are shed for you —
An offering of glistening light
on the altar of Memory.

They are a liquid mantra quietly sung —
A magic murmur of sorrow
echoing through Time.

These drops of salt and water warm —
Assigned to your name
at the eternal Beginning.

They have waited lovingly
within sacred spaces for long, silent years —
a treasure consecrated to what was Us.

These crystalline tears are shed for you —
The light that sparkles in their depths
are the gleaming pieces of my Heart.


– for D

I am that soft-furred gentle-eyed prey
that makes the predator move to running.

I am the breeze that drifts through quiet nights
to twine through tree limbs and shadows.

I am the river that rolls silent and steady
as its deeper self carves away the rocks.

I am the bright pink streak of sky
riding the deep clouds in the last rays of light.

I am the gypsy angel of your song
concealed in the mist and the answer is yes.

I am the soft roll of current pulling you
into a vortex of bright light and water.

I am a light-voiced bird singing melodies
at the twilight start of morning.

I am flesh and blood and bone and mind.
I am eternal vapor and presence and hope.

I am a woman who hurts and hates and loves.

I am a prophetess, a seer. I am a poetess
who will write the truth of our story
in each sad and beautiful line.