teach me of swimming


How much does water weigh —
how does the heaviness taste
against your skin?

Tell me of floating
and what that bed touches
in the back that rests there.

How do the waves speak
as they wash your face
and roll into your mouth?

Do you hear mermaids or nothingness
as water slides above your brow
slips into your inner ear?

Do your hands feel tenderness
or anger boiling strumming
through the rushing water?

What do fish see?
What song do seashells sing?
Does the water know the difference
between the moon and the sun?


~Photo Credit: (c)2019 Marissa Mullins


Friendship 12-16-2008

How is the word friendship lived and defined in our culture today?

The meaning has changed with time, just like so many other word meanings that have grown, shifted, and evolved during the years of speaking. Common usage commonly replaces original meaning. The current definition for the word, friendship, according to Dictionary.com is:

1. The state of being a friend

2. A friendly relation or intimacy

3. Friendly feeling or disposition

harmony, accord, understanding, and rapport. Friendship, then, is the state of being in harmony and accord with another or the relationship of rapport and understanding with another. How often do we live that with the people we call friends?