All that I ask
you will with hold.
It’s your nature
to deny me. I’m
aware of this
Asking less of you
than predecessors,
teachers, friends.
You have my
full attention
like brilliant sun
light looming
large in dark skies.
Hero and villain,
the lead character
in the story
that wasn’t
really. Anything
can happen, but
won’t. I
am aware
of this



March 2011 


Fruits of Chaos by RyoAce / © Some rights reserved at

6 thoughts on “Contradiction

  1. Thanks so much to both of you for reading and commenting.

    The relationship is about a personal friendship that ended in disappointment, but also representative of those enigmatic, incomplete relationships we all experience at one time or another in our lives.

    Again, thanks for reading! ~Marissa


  2. Marissa ~
    Makes me wonder what was on your mind that brought all this out of you…what prompted you…what relationship are you speaking of…within yourself or another individual? I wonder…



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